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Why PEB is best for Bridges / FOB :-

1.1 Eco-friendly environment - With increased emphasis on the on-going green buildings ensuring sustainable construction, the PEB structures are created with a high proportion of recycled content making them lighter by about 30% than the conventional steel buildings
1.2 Cost Advantage - With the demand for both residential and commercial segments increasing, there is a need to get the projects completed on time so as to minimize extra costs.
1.3 Safety & Strength - since the bridges are made over the sea heights it is very necessary to ensure that is has made from the materials which can carry the load and heavy weight objects easily.
1.4 Ease to dissemble- The steel fabrications used in bridge construction can be easily dissembled when not in use or can be reused again anywhere else also.
1.5 Light in weight – this light weighted PEB structure are easier, faster and safer to launch.

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