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Why PEB is best for Hospitals / Stadiums :-

PEB are high in demands in health sectors because of its :
1.1 Easy installation - facilities for ramp, lift and equipment installations.
1.2 Load tolerance- capabilities of taking high voltage load for ac's, generators, medical equipments.
1.3 Highly durable - perfect quality control over structures lasting for longer times.
1.4 Fast erecting – easy to stand and saves time for erecting.
This integrated production process will bring to our customers huge advantages of an optimal solution, high-quality products and perfect services

2.1 Larger space- model designs provide large span of spaces.
2.2 Open, airy roof systems- well ventilated and income of fresh air and light.
2.3 Audience spaces – comfortable for audiences with well seating arrangement and define escalators available integration of elevators for easy movement of spectators.
2.4 Larger screens and sound enabled system.

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