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Why PEB is best for university and institutions :-

1.1 Larger span - Can provide span of 100m or even more.
1.2 Workmanship - Easy to Install
1.3 TIME - A building of 1800 sqft - 3 floor is constructed by MECHFAB in only 28 days as compare to RCC building with 1yr 10 months.

1.4 Decorative purposes - PEB Structures used in industries and offices makes it beautiful and alluring.
1.5 Strength- provides high strength to mass of employees.
1.6 Speedy construction – cost and time savvy.
1.7 Spacious- occupies lesser space hence gives greater coverage.
1.8 Water proof solutions – provides protection from water leakage and damages. 2. Future Scope : -
2.1 Buildings can be extended for future provisions.
2.2 GOLD - Steel can be sold out at the time of dismantling at the price instead of RCC debris.

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