Green Building Concept

Mechfab is one of the leading providers of Green Building. A green building is a type of building in the construction, maintenance, renovation, deconstruction, operation of which not only carries positive impacts on our environment but also eliminates or reduces negative effects. Our way of construction and operation promotes a healthy environment for all involved. It does not affect any land, energy, resources and water in any green building.

With the help of Mechfab you are able to build a variety of green buildings that come with several characteristic features including recyclability and durability. Steel is the most favorite material to build these pre-fab structures. This is because steel is more than 90% recyclable. Besides, green buildings with steel as material if designed strategically have the quality to allow natural lighting through skylights, improved energy efficiency, environmentally friendly roofing and wall panels and various other building materials composed of steel.

Our green building services include:

  • Energy management services
  • Testing green building material performance
  • Simulation and modelling building energy and lighting
  • Fundamental and enhanced third party commissioning
  • Indoor air quality sampling and testing using advanced technology
  • Building sustainability and carbon services

  • At Mechfab, we are committed to bringing together all components of these affordable, ecosystem, eco-friendly housing and sanitation buildings under one roof. During the manufacturing process, our experts focus on choosing quality materials, manufacturing long-lasting products, and offering services at a single location. Thus, we have the ability to enhance your experience in making the building holistic. Our involvement in green building construction allows employment, encourages entrepreneurial effort, training and skill development for rural masons and laborers. It promotes water preservation and harvesting, energy generation during the manufacturing of environmental-friendly cement bricks, blocks, aggregates, etc.

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