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Musltistorey Building - Residential or Offices

GHAZIABAD MECHFAB (P) LTD. is one of the leading Musltistory Building Manufacturers from Ghaziabad, India. We have expertise in designing, manufacturing, and exporting Warehouse Sheds to our clients. We are using advanced technology to ensure qualitative products at the customer's end. We have highly trained engineers who are capable of providing the best quality product to our customers in strict compliance with their demands.

Multi Story Buildings are in high demand because people like to reside in multi-story buildings. It is said that there’s a limit of four-storey constructions. Multi-story building is something which is a 3-dimensional building that has multiple storeys as the name infers. It will contain vertical circulation with the help of stairs and lift. Based on the preliminary analysis, the buildings will be in a certain height. It is generally designed for commercial purposes and residential purposes.

Choose prefabricated multi-story structures from the best producers in the nation. GHAZIABAD MECHFAB is one of the leading manufacturer of prefabricated multi-story structures, providing you with buildings that have been brilliantly developed and constructed.

Why PEB is best for Musltistorey Building :-

1.1 Future extensions- expansion modification can be easily accommodated without much hassle.
1.2 Faster delivery- delivered within shorter span of time.
1.3 Lighter weight- can be carried easily or moved from place to place and easily installed.
1.4 Insulation – highly insulated from sound and heat, as per the requirement.
1.5 Rainwater harvesting – better water harvesting through gutters and down-take arrangements.
1.6 Overall economy- Sustainability in construction through reuse of most materials.

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