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Our Products

Pre-Engineered Building & Structural Steel

Pre Engineered Building is a GMF structure built over a structural concept of primary members...


Light Building Systems

Light Gauge Framing Systems Traditionally, PEB's have met with resistance in a particular area: the ability to support multi-storied structures.....


Pre-Cast Foundation & Infrastructure

Precast foundations may be used effectively to bring down the cost of construction. This is an excellent product.....


Purlins, MMS & Sheeting System

GMF manufactures a complete range of structural C and Z purlins for industrial buildings, garages....


Turbo-vent & Accessories

Turbo Ventilators are designed and engineered to exhaust industrial pollutants such as smoke, dust....


Steel Truss Bridge Manufacturers

Mechfab Steel Truss Bridges feature timeless bridge design and construction that is altered and manufactured to....


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